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“Robots on the doorstep” – the first book of a trilogy!


“Robots on the doorstep – English version” is coming soon!

To get the Russian book  “Роботы на пороге” please click here

The first fully illustrated book “Robots on the doorstep” is a pure gem for children. It is the first book of the robot’s trilogy. Children from 3 to 10 are laughing at every comical character in the book. Everybody loves robots, but what if robots start coming to your house, creating a little mischief? That is exactly what happened to two brothers whose house was invaded by some very unexpected guests. Pumpkin Robot caused a little pumpkin tsunami, Robot Volcano tried to scare the brothers, Ham Sandwich robot tried to surprise children with the same sandwich again and again. Nobody knows where robots are coming from or where they are going, which gives kids the opportunity to create their own version of events and develop their imagination. Also, it is a great book for first readers.