Russian School

Welcome to our Russian school in London:

Russian school

Russian school was born in April 2019 out of the necessity to provide our own kids with the best education possible. After vain effort to find the education we desired we established our own school that met all our requirements. Whilst most of the Russian Saturday school is heavily focused on the language itself, we wanted to develop the language through new skills and subjects where our children would strive. From the very beginning, we introduced such amazing courses as watercolours, architecture, plasticine art etc. You can see from our Gallery the fantastic works created by our pupils within such a short period of time! We also strongly believe that in order to establish fluency in a language when not in the native environment you have to create the best possible atmosphere for kids to thrive, enjoy and have lots of fun! We incorporate events such as museum trips and park-based treks and trails, these are a part of every term. Even lockdown couldn’t change it, during this time we virtually travelled to Italy and were able to (thanks to the amazing support and help of our parents) make a quest. We are constantly on lookout for the best, most interesting programs for kids, such as learning about different civilisations or teaching prose and rhyming skills. We host Russian professionals in different subjects that enrich our learning plan and inspire our kids.

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We run our Russian school every Saturday from 9.30 till 13.30 (9:30-12:30 for 3-4 y.o)

We accept kids from the age of 3 to 10 years old.

If you would like to join us please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Good Book Club (free)

Olga Illman, Gemstones founder: “I have been toying with the idea of a book club for a while. Our kids read a lot at home for school and for fun, however, I always found that not enough time for discussions of what they have read and liked occurred, so I wanted to rectify this. I grew up as a book worm, registered with 3 libraries and cannot imagine myself without a book in my life. I strongly believe that love for reading can heavily influence a person’s life. Children these days are extremely busy with their own schedules, so I wasn’t sure how we could start this off. Then along came lockdown. We took the opportunity to kick the book club off and will continue to do so online after.”

The Good Book Club is free for pupils of Russian School. Children can talk about their books, read stories, talk about genres etc. We will add this opportunity for English speaking children also in future.

School Trips

We love our little trips to museums. We have already been to the British Museum, Tate Modern and the V & A. As soon as it is physically possible, we will go to the Design Museum in London. The goal of these trips is to teach the children about the arts as well as create stronger friendship and bonds between pupils. These trips are a brilliant opportunity to communicate with each other uninterrupted by lessons.


Quests are a part of our Russian school curriculum. We love them, kids adore them, and nothing can bond kids better with each other than some adventures together. We have run and developed different types of quests and will able to organise some quests for your kids as well.

Music Pass

Thanks to our amazing teacher Natalya Manoylovich we run regular meetings where kids have the opportunity to learn about music.

Those meetings are run every 6 weeks in Brentford.


Trial lesson

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